John Hatch conceives Village Banking in 1984. His plan enables poor Bolivian farmers with no collateral to access loans through a collective guarantee. In 1985 Hatch establishes FINCA . FINCA is an acronym that stands for the Foundation for International Community Assistance .

FINCA Haiti milestone

1989 Foundation of FINCA Haiti
FINCA was first established in 1989 by John Hatch in the southern side of Haiti, Les Cayes. At this time we offered village banking loans which enabled merchants with no collateral to access credit.

2009 Before the earthquake
FINCA Haiti had 8 branches nationwide before the earthquake and 12 471clients. We offered Village Banking Loans and Individual Loans.

2010 After the earthquake
After the earthquake The earthquake destroyed two of our eight branches and the entire portfolio was written off. All of our branches and clients were severely affected.

2012 FINCA Haiti Rebuilds
2012 was the year of restoration for FINCA Haiti. Restoration of our heritage: our message of hope to our clients. Restoration of all of our internal resources.

2015 FINCA Haiti Nowadays
After almost three years of hard work we are proud to say we have eight branches again and in excess of 27,000 clients. We now offer four products and have empowered our clients to make mobile payments.

FINCA Haiti is getting closer to its customers, from opening a new branch in Ouanaminthe, extending its disbursement and reimbursement services by mobile phone and launching its latest product, the School Loan.