One of FINCA’s goal is to reduce poverty by helping the most vulnerable steps out and have a better living. In order to achieve this focus we turn to some institutions who has the same willing so we can give a stronger support to the one in needs.

Our Partners

USDA – Is the department of the American administration responsible to design and implement the federal policy for agriculture, food and forests. It was created 1862 and integrated into the Cabinet in 1889.
The Unites States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is a partner of FINCA Haiti since 2011 and support us in the following areas:
1) Introduction and expansion of agricultural loan
2) Pilote of new financial services
3) Assessment process of a social and economic impact

BID – Founded in 1959, the inter-american Development Bank (IDB) is the main source of financing for development in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is resolutely committed to achieving measurable results and to improve the integrity, transparency and accountability. It pursues a program of dynamic reforms with the aim of increasing its impact on the development of the region.
IDB is a partner of FINCA Haiti since 2010 and support us in the following areas:
1) Training of employees
2) Strengthening of internal control

VIBRANT VILLAGE – Vibrant Village Foundation invests in the potential of communities around the world. They provide support in the areas of nutrition and health, drinking water, agriculture, education, the arts and economic development. Their goal is to obtain results that are measurable and long-term to improve the life of each.
Vibrant Village Foundation is a regular partner who support us in the following areas:
1) strengthen the capacity of the staff at the middle management level;
2) Improve customer experience;
3) Develop new channels of distribution alternative

SCBF – is a partnership of public-private development created in April 2011 to help financial institutions such as insurance companies, banks of micro finance, and the savings and commercial banks, in the intensification of significantly and their awareness of the poor people in developing countries. In January 2013, the initiative of SCBF was officially transformed into a non-profit association, registered in Fribourg, Switzerland.
Swiss Capacity Building Facility is a regular partner of FINCA Haiti which helps us to enhance our ability to provide financial services more accessible and responsive to the needs of small farmers and rural micro-entrepreneurs.

ADA is an expert in the field of inclusive finance
Since 1994, ADA has been working to develop the provision of microfinance to populations excluded from the conventional banking circuits. Their action is designed to reinforce both the autonomy and capacities of microfinance institutions (MFIs), professional associations and networks. ADA also assists governments in their efforts to support and structure the microfinance sector at the regional and national level.
With this aim in mind, they can propose and develop specific and innovative microfinance products which have a positive impact on the life of thousands of people, organise trainings for microfinance professionals working in, and on behalf of, the South, as well as provide advice and support to MFIs in their search for funding. Furthermore, they have taken the decision to be involved in research with a view to anticipating the future needs of the world of microfinance and to gauge the social impact of our actions.Their flexible approach enables them to adapt each project according to the needs of their partners and the realities in the field.
ADA’s head office is in Luxembourg. It manages an annual budget of 10 million EUR and has 43 employees.

Deetken Impact specializes in impact investing making a positive social and environmental,Investing in emerging economies to generate long term returns while helping communities grow and prosper.
Prioritizing returns and capital preservation, thus strategically hand-pick and rigorously assess limited number of investees. To qualify, they need to meet high standards for sustainability and financial performance, which means they represent safe, profitable and previously unexplored avenues of growth.
Impact investing is about supporting entrepreneurs and communities. The businesses selected are poised to provide essential services in their respective countries, from health care and education to clean energy.
They are businesses that significantly improve the lives of under-served communities, giving them opportunities for growth and development that would otherwise be unavailable. Deetken Impact Makes a Difference impact in the Americas. Making a difference with strong returns.

Symbiotics vision is to positively impact low- and middle-income households in emerging and frontier economies in areas such as job creation, food and agriculture, housing, and energy.
Their mission is to contribute to sustainable development in emerging and frontier markets by providing traditionally underserved businesses increased access to capital and financial services. We aim to do this by offering specialized investment solutions that connect socially responsible investors, to micro-, small and medium enterprises and value chain development projects in low-income economies in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and South-East and Central Asia.

Global Affairs Canada manages Canada’s diplomatic relations, provides consular services to Canadians, promotes the country’s international trade, and leads Canada’s international development and humanitarian assistance.
In August 2017, Global Affairs Canada and FINCA Canada signed a contribution agreement for a financial inclusion project in Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to promote greater economic prosperity for low-income people.
The objective of the project is to promote sustainable and equitable economic growth by increasing the reach and impact of financial services to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), targeting vulnerable and low-income women, giving them ways to grow their income and assets and to have a positive economic impact on their families and communities.

Global Shareholders

FINCA Microfinance Bank is a subsidiary of FINCA Microfinance Holding Company LLC (FMH) a socially-responsible investment (SRI) partnership that owns and operates 20 microfinance institutions and banks on five continents. FMH investors are led by FINCA International Inc. a Washington, D.C.- based not-for-profit organization and a majority shareholder of FMH. FMH’s minority shareholders are the International Finance Corporation (IFC), KfW, Nederlandse Financierings-Maatschappij voor Ontwikkelingslanden N.V. (FMO), Triple Jump and Triodos. FMH is dedicated to delivering a double bottom line of both sustainable financial performance and positive social impact.

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector. Working with private enterprises in more than 100 countries, they use their capital, expertise, and influence to help eliminate extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity. In FY13, their investments climbed to an all-time high of nearly billion, leveraging the power of the private sector to create jobs and tackle the world’s most pressing development challenges.

Established in 1948 as a public law institution, KfWBankengruppe is today owned 80% by the Federal Republic of Germany and 20% by the federal states (“Länder”). With a balance sheet total of more than EUR 440 billion, KfW is one of the world´s leading and most experienced promotional banks. As a bank with no branch network or customer deposits, it refinances its lending business almost exclusively in the international capital markets. KfWEntwicklungsbank is part of KfWBankengruppe and a competent and strategic advisor on current development issues. Reducing poverty, securing peace, protecting natural resources and helping to shape globalization are the main priorities of KfWEntwicklungsbank. On behalf of the German Federal Government it finances reforms, infrastructure and financial systems for socially and ecologically compatible economic growth in more than 110 countries. It is a worldwide financing partner, and it also employs funds of its own for development projects.

The Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO ) is the Dutch development bank. FMO supports sustainable private sector growth in developing and emerging markets by investing in ambitious entrepreneurs. FMO believes a strong private sector leads to economic and social development, empowering people to employ their skills and improve their quality of life. FMO focuses on three sectors that have high development impact: financial institutions, energy, and agribusiness, food & water. With an investment portfolio of EUR 6.3 billion, FMO is one of the largest European bilateral private sector development banks.

TripleJump‘s mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of emerging market economies by facilitating investment in micro and small enterprises. Triple Jump seeks to support the expansion of viable microfinance institutions in all three stages of their development (emerging, expanding and mature) by providing capital and advisory services. Their objective is to work towards effective social impact in emerging markets by harnessing entrepreneurial spirit. They focus on MFIs which are committed to reducing poverty in their society, reaching low-income and vulnerable groups, particularly women, respecting society and the environment, and achieving maximum efficiency, financial sustainability and outreach.

Triodos Investment Management is a 100% subsidiary of Triodos Bank, one of the world’s leading sustainable banks. Triodos Investment Management is a globally recognised leader in impact investing, managing direct investments ranging from sustainable energy infrastructure to microfinance institutions. Since 1994, its assets under management in inclusive finance have increased to over EUR 500 million, making it one of the leading investors in the industry. Through specialised funds it currently provides finance – both debt and equity – to 104 upcoming and well-established financial institutions in 44 countries. They hold equity stakes in 21 financial institutions; senior staff of Triodos Bank joins the Board of Directors and actively contributes to the governance of these institutions.