Take a loan with people you know and trust

Village banking is based on the principle of group or communal solidarity. If one member of the group fails to repay her loan other group members divide the debt amongst themselves to ensure repayment.

Group loan features

  • Loans of 4,000 HTG to 40,000 HTG are available

  • Reimbursements can be made between four (4) to eight (8) months

  • Loans are provided rapidly with no need for a guarantor

  • Group members receive support, financial and business advice during the loan
  • The best rate possible is provided

Group loan requirements

  • Each group shall have between 9 and 25 members

  • Each group shall select its own members

  • Each group must elect a leader

  • Each group member must have his or her own business and household
  • Members must live in the same local area
  • Repayments are made every 35 days